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The main objective of any naturopathic treatment plan is to ensure that the body has a good supply of all the resources it needs for healing and repair. This supply is fundamental to recovery of health, and it is why it is essential to have a healthy diet with sufficient nutrition. But in certain situations, especially in chronic illness, nutrition from the diet is not enough. In a diseased state, where one’s needs for certain nutrients are high and in conditions of poor digestion or absorption, the body’s needs may exceed its ability to assimilate nutrition optimally. In these cases, Intravenous (IV) or Injection into the muscle (IM) should be considered as an adjunct to a healthy diet.

Instead, consider a woman who suffers from iron deficient anemia. Fatigue is often the only or most obvious symptom. She may be taking iron supplementation for a long time but her iron is still low and her lab blood values do not change. After months, or even years, she is still tired and shows no signs of improving. She may even develop bowel problems from taking her oral iron supplement, a common problem with some types of iron supplementation. Instead, her Naturopathic Doctor prescribes, along with a diet to maximize iron and a more appropriate oral iron supplement, several injections of iron over several weeks or months. This iron will be released slowly from her muscles over a period of 2-3 weeks into her circulation ensuring that she has iron more readily available to help her red blood cells regenerate. It will help ensure that her body’s iron stores will be maximized regardless of how little is in her diet or how well she is absorbing iron through her intestines. As this treatment is being administered, an investigation can be undertaken to determine why she has low iron in the first place. Using the injection therapy as part of a more comprehensive treatment approach she has a better chance of getting well and faster.

In this and many other conditions, the injection of specially prepared therapeutic agents and nutrients directly into a muscle or a vein becomes the therapy of choice. Using this approach, these agents are more readily available for the cells of the body to take up and use more easily, as the higher concentrations get into the body and to the cells where they are needed and stay in the body to work longer. Relatively large doses can be delivered comfortably and safely as part of an integrated treatment program.

This clinic offers intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), and sub-cutaneous (SubQ) injections of therapeutic agents and nutrients as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Injections available include: Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and other vitamins, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and other minerals, Myer’s, amino acids including glutathione, Viscum album, and other nutritional, herbal and homeopathic solutions..

Conditions supported include: allergy, asthma, arrhythmia, hypertension, macular degeneration, immune deficiency, autoimmune disease, chronic infections (hepatitis, Lyme, Epstein Barr), multiple sclerosis, migraines, neuralgias, Parkinson’s, PMS, and sciatica..

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